Environment Protection Tips

Some Of The Best Ways Of Protecting The Environment.

As concerns of global warming are continuously on the rise and Donald Trump becoming the president of United States of America, it is a time we learned some of the basic ways of taking care of our environment. The green/ environment-friendly advice provided in this article can help everyone contribute to the fight against climate change. The following points can be put into consideration:


    • Have you decided to paint your house? If your answer is yes then you can use latex paint. This is because oil based paints are known to release hydrocarbon fumes.
    • It is always necessary to maintain vehicles in a proper condition. Having a tuned up vehicle means that you get great mileage and release fewer pollutants.
    • Always remember that you should never fill your gas tank till the top. This is because overfilling can cause spills in addition to releasing hydrocarbons and other harmful chemicals to go along with it.
    • Never burn or incinerate the wastes present in the backyard. This causes the release of harmful gasses and also cause mild allergies.
    • Keep in mind to plant trees around your house. Trees can help in keeping the air near your house clean and green.
    • Try to use public transport to commute to your office. This means there is one less vehicle on the road and much lesser greenhouse gasses released.
    • Try and use as less fertilizer as possible in your lawns. This is because a huge amount of fertilizer can run off into streams during the monsoons and cause water pollution.
    • Try not to discard waste oil or chemicals into your drains because they will end up in the nearby streams.
    • Always water lawns during morning especially early mornings. This is because during this time the water soaks into the lawn and does not evaporate which may happen at some other time of the day.
    • Always use a bucket to wash a car instead of using a hose. This is because using a bucket means you are using much less water in the process of washing your car.
    • Try to wash your dishes only when you have a full load of dishes. This is another way of saving precious water. In addition to this, you can save a lot of water while showering.
    • Learn the steps of recycling various things around the way. If the community in which you are living, does not follow the principle of recycling things then it is time to teach them.
    • Make sure not to put hazardous substances in waste bins. This can mean batteries, paints, chemicals or waste oil.
    • Discard your thermometer which uses mercury and starts using a digital thermometer. This is because mercury is a hazardous pollutant and moves up the food chain with ease.

  • Another thing that can be done is using both sides of the paper. Whenever you are looking to print a document which is not for official purposes then make sure you use both sides of the paper.

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