Helping the environment during your remodeling process.

Remodeling a Bathroom

Bathrooms are a place where remodelers have plenty of opportunity to make wise choices. Eco-friendly ideas include:

The time to begin thinking about the environmental aspects of your remodel is during the planning phase. Consider the environment when you hire professionals, decide what to do with demolished materials, and choose materials.

Hire eco friendly professionals. If your remodel is a big job,  you most likely will hire a host of professionals, such as an architect,  an engineer,  and a general contractor.

Consider what to do with demolished materials. While you’re planning what has to be demolished, think about what you’re going to do with it. Find a way to create less waste. Someone may be looking for just those materials, and would be willing to come get them out of your way. Post them on freecycle, or craigslist. With just a little extra time you can carefully dissasemble items and keep them in tact for selling or donating to an organization like Habitat for Humanity.


Reuse what you can:

Consider whether you can reuse or repurpose old materials Repaint Cabinets, with a variety of selections in the low VOC paints, and all of the pintrest ideas you can make your cabinets look amazing. Resurface countertops with one of the many diy products on the market.

A huge savings of both money, and resources is hiring someone for Bathtub refinishing. If your bathtub or shower in in great shape, but the wrong color or looking faded and worn. Having your bathtub refinished saves an entire bathtub and/or shower from being placed in a landfill, all while producing some stunning results in the way of new apperances.

You can also consider reusing items in other areas. Maybe those cabinets you are taking down would be perfect in that work space you are creating in your garage, or the brick thats coming down from that wall would be perfect for a backyard walkway.

As with everything, even when remodeling, remember the golden rule of saving the planet. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle




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